Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Incredible Falling Interest Rate

The Fed announced today that the fed fund rate would remain unchanged for the time being. So what does that mean for interest rates? So far online savings rates have stayed the same. E-Loan remains at 5.25% and Emigrant at 5.05%. In recent weeks, however, the CD rates at these two institutions have dropped to 5.26% and 5.10%, respectively. E-Loan had a huge drop from 5.41% to 5.26% over the last week or so, while Emigrant has been holding at 5.05%. My CD at Emigrant expires tomorrow, so what to do? Open an account at E-Loan and hold it at 5.25%? Or will the rates drop at E-Loan too and converge to the rate at Emigrant? Sigh.. Missing the rate hike!

I'll let you know!
One Love,