Friday, July 25, 2008

Game Day at Shea

Went to the Mets vs. Cardinals game tonight, with the Amazin's coming out victorious of course. Of course it's the last season at Shea stadium (and at Yankee Stadium incidentally) and its a bit sad to see them tear down the stadium. Citi field looms in the background of Shea and beckons a new era for the Mets.

Its sad to see that sports are so often referred to as a business. Whatever happened to "for the love of the game?" Undoubtedly the new stadium will offer less seating and more luxury suites for those who can pay. That means more revenue for the team, but less accessibility for average fans.

What happens if the economy doesn't rebound in the coming years? Less luxury purchasers? Companies cutting back on client outings. Ill timed I suppose. Also how is Citibank feeling about paying all those millions for the naming rights to the new Mets stadium? After all the pain its been going through, wonder if the person responsible for that decision got the ax.

S'all for now.

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