Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interest Rate Roundup

Rates have come up a tad bit in the last month. Here's the current roundup:

WaMu Online Savings: 3.75%

WaMu 8 month CD: 4.25%

WaMu 12 month CD: 4.50%

Emigrant Direct: 3.00%

ING Direct 3.00%

HSBC Direct: 3.50%

E-Loan Savings: 3.01%

E-Loan 6 month CD: 4.06%

So my in my rate chasing, I moved my matured E-Loan CD into WaMu and dumped it into an 8 month CD. I've been socking most of my savings into the online savings account as well. Due to the turbulence in the market I'm reluctant to move everything into WaMu, so I still maintain my other account at Emigrant Direct. While these rates are better than what we've been seeing, the forecast looks bleak. About a week or two after I opened the 8 month CD, WaMu was offering a 12 month, 5.00% CD which I would have definitely jumped on. I jumped the gun too early, then waited to late and now they've dropped the 12 month rate to 4.50%. So unfortunately looks like there won't be another uptick in savings rates anytime soon :(

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