Friday, January 9, 2009

Samsung Netbook!

Hullo there!

I'm writing this entry on my spiffy new Samsung NC10 netbook, a gift courtesy of my girlfriend!
After taking about a half hour or so to get it up and running and another half hour going through the hassle of bypassing the Windows Logo test to install Symantec Corporate Edition I'm on my way.  

Quick rundown of the specs: 1GB Ram, Intel Atom Processor, 160GB HDD, 10.x size screen, 6-cell battery.  The gf did the research for the purchase and came to the conclusion that this sucker was better than those Dell/Lenovo/Esus/Acer other netbookers.  So far so good!  Keyboard is almost full sized, weight is great, battery awesome, screen lovely.  Very satisfied! What a great gift :)

Well thats the quick hits for now.  Probably more posts in the future seeing that I have an awesome mobile computing station now.  Till next time!

Happy 09'! :)

One Love,

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