Monday, February 16, 2009

After the Fall: High Yield Checking Accounts

Another week, and more pain for savers.  Dollar Savings Direct continued their rate chopping from 3.20% APY to 3.05% APY on their online savings accounts.  While still offering one of the highest rates available, their margin is no longer much more than competitors.  Here's a roundup of some other rates we here at the LookBlog follow:
So what's a saver to do?  We mentioned a while back about High Yield checking accounts and the relatively high rates they are still offering as long as you are willing to jump through a few hoops.  The guys over at  have some great resources on what is available in your area, as well as a primer on how these checking accounts can still offer up these rates.  Long story short, by making you use your debit card they earn more on fees allowing them to keep a nice little spread while still offering you a high rate.  Check the site, its definitely worth a read.

As a NJ resident, I'm leaning more and more towards pulling the trigger and opening an account at The Provident bank.  Currently they are offering 5.01% APY on up to 25K and a $123 sign up bonus.  O how I salivate when looking at this compared to the meager online savings yields.  A couple more drops and I'm all but forced to open this up! 

Lets hope things start turning around soon!

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