Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Citi Professional Card: Back in Business... (an update)

Back in the building, back on the map. My credit card rewards were corrected in fact.

So earlier I wrote about a troubles with my Citi Professional Card, as I had been shorted the 1% back on everything and the 3% back on restaurants. Recently I got my statement where my rewards were correctly adjusted and my new purchases correctly reflected my purchases.

Now although the rewards information was correct, the thing that worried me more was the balance of my bill. Ever since I got the card, it seems that my balances have slowly been climbing. Although there was a big jump this month, it was due to some Christmas shopping and a fancy dinner at Cafe Grey. That being said, I'm glad to have gotten 3% back on my near $300 bill from the feast at Cafe Grey. Who knew rabbit, fish, and all that stuff I never really eat could cost so much? Anywho, I think my balances will continue gradually rising as my girlfriend from Tampa has come back to NYC. She's definitely a food monster and I will continue to be greatful for the 3% back on restaurants.

In other news, I cannot express enough how much I enjoy this holiday season. Family, friends, food and just good times. Now if only work didn't get in the way...

One Love,

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PW said...

gonna take me out to dinner w/ the 3% u get back now? haha. for the search bar, go to the google adsense page w/ and adsense for search - then it'll give u the code that you hafta cut and paste into ur blog...