Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting TiVo/DVR

Well, seeing that I enjoy sitting down and watching some tube, makes sense that I should buy TiVo/DVR device. It's annoying to spend an hour watching a show that is only 30 mins sans commercials. Think of the time saved by getting rid of commercials!

Sadly, however, how much "quality" TV is available? A Look fav, The O.C. just ended its run forever. Grey's Anatomy is getting boring. Smallville is putting out repeats. The White Rapper Show (yes I'm a watcher) is almost done... Sigh. That leaves me with the endless Real Worlds/Challenges and other MTV nonsense.

So while TiVo is definitely something I'd think about getting, for now I'll put it on hold till more quality time-wasting TV comes on air. I've decided to start reading more and here's what I just ordered on Amazon:
  • The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

  • Freakonomics - Steven Levitt

  • When Genius Failed: The Rise & Fall of LTCM - Roger Lowenstein

Gotta start getting myself educated again. I know those books have been out a while, so I figure'd now is as good a time as ever to take a stab at em. Will let you know what I think. Till next time...

One Love,

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