Monday, March 5, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Interest Rate... Citibank eSavings

If you've been paying attention to interest rates in the past few months, you've noticed they've leveled off after the Fed stopped raising its rate. Banks have quietly reduced the APYs offered on their accounts, with Citibank being the sneakiest (to me) of them all.

So without warning I've noticed the rates they offer have freefalled. From a high of 5.5% it decreased to 5.0% then 4.75% and now 4.65%. Having so many different webpages and different ways to access the site, I didn't even notice the decrease to the recent 4.65% rate until recently. I think they should show the rate on the login screen or at least show you the eSavings details including interest rate/APY when you log into your account.

As such, I've moved most of my money in the Citibank eSavings account to Emigrant Direct and locked in a CD at 5.20% APY. With its current trajectory Citibank will fall to a level of ING at which point I will take most of my money there out. The only reason I leave money in there is for bills and such. O wells. Citi, kiss my $$$ goodbye.

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Heejin said...

I noticed this too! Funny how much we think alike.