Monday, November 27, 2006

Nintendo Wii... Gettin' you up outta yo' seat.


This weekend I was lucky enough to get a hold of Wii, Nintendo's latest and greatest gaming system, which has grand ambitions of revolutionizing gaming as we know it. (To find out more go to Nintendo's Wii site here: Aside from eBay, the Wii is pretty much out-of-stock nationwide, but was more widely available than Sony's PS3. Initial estimates show Nintendo was better able to meet customer demands and all in all had a better launch than Sony's bumbled efforts. If you weren't able to get your hands on the launch, have no fear, as Nintendo is shipping thousands of units over weekly to the states.

Now on to the fun. The aesthetics of the console itself (as seen in the picture above) are very Apple iPod-esque. The gaming unit is a clean, simple but still sophisticated machine. As like its other Nintendo brethren, the unpackaging to playing was a relatively simple and painless process. The setup used was a basic straight to TV job, but if you're willing to kick in some more $$$ you can throw down for better cables for a better viewing experience. Those wishing to spare their wallets can rest easy, as the Wii experience can still be enjoyed without purchasing this upgrade.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of unboxing the Wii is the controller pictured below. The remote-like controller was very lightweight, but the handling both the joystick and the remote took lots of patience, getting-used to and coordination. The selling point of this new controller is the motion-sensitive chip which captures the player's movements to control objects on the screen. At first, this was definitely something strange but after playing for a while it became second nature.

Well, thats all the time I have for today's post. Wii gameplay shall be covered in a future post.

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