Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And so it happens... Toyota #1

The 1Q results are in and after years perched on top of the automotive world, Detroit automaker GM was handily beaten by 90,000 units to rival Toyota. The results marked record results for both automakers, but was the first time Toyota outsold GM. Analysts expect similar results throughout the rest of the year as Toyota's finally achieves the dominance that seemed all but an eventuality. Should this occur, this will mark the first time in 76 years that GM was not the top automaker in the United States.

That being said, will Toyota be able to sustain its dominance? Even the mighty must fall and with Chinese upstarts, formidable South Korean players and the resurgence of American brands will Toyota be able to maintain its lead over the competition? As the Tokyo juggernaut rolls along, however, its stock (Toyota: NYSE - TM) seems to be a relative bargain at $125, down from a high near $140 mere months ago. As such, TM seems like a BUY and its dominance? Only time shall tell.

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