Monday, April 2, 2007

Nike Shox

So every now and again Footlocker comes out with their 30% off coupons which drives me to buy some new shoes. Lately, I've gone with some "fashionable" Pumas, but although they're quite flashy and cool they're wickedly uncomfortable.

As such, I'm thinking about getting a pair of Nike Shox. The ones I'm eyeing have a mesh shell (as opposed to the leather-ish type sneakers I have now) and are actually made to provide support and cushioning. After my two pairs of Pumas, I think its time to return to the good ol' swoosh. Hoping they'll come out with some better styles tho, as I'm not completely sold on the look. Seeing that my feet haven't been too comfy, I guess I'm willing to forgo the appearance for some feet pampering.

One Love,

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