Monday, April 30, 2007

Decisions, decisions... Which phone will you hear me now on?

So my Verizon contract is set to expire with my "New Every Two" discount kicking in May 10, 2007. While Verizon phones are notoriously worst in class of any provider (unfortunately they can get away with it by having the "best" network). So which phone to upgrade to? My current phone the Motorola E815 has served me well, but the antenna/reception in the last couple of months has been lacking. Verizon boasts the least dropped calls or whatever, but I seem to have tons of trouble getting reception here in Brooklyn.

Anywho, these are the two options I've been looking at:

LG VX8700

Pros: Pretty. Sleek. Slim. Lightweight.
Cons: Supposedly speakerphone works only w/ the phone open. Odd front screen.


Pros: Sleek. USB port capability. Touchscreen face.
Cons: Bigger portfolio - shape and weight. Odd shape (haven't gotten used to that extra bottom nub on RAZRs).

Unfortunately I think the LG VX8700 is only available online right now. And since I'd like to actually see/feel the phone before I get it I think I may end up going with the MOTORAZR maxx Ve. As I ponder the decision I hope some new fangled phone comes out or the LG Vx8700 goes in stores so I can compare. I'll keep you posted.

One Love,

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